Kantharyar is now Leasing - Call us on +95 (0) 1 381609
Kantharyar is now Leasing - Call us on +95 (0) 1 381609


Development Consultancy advice is essential in order to achieve the highest possible returns from your real estate project.

Engaging the expertise of Slade Property Services gives you access to our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Myanmar real estate market, its demand/supply dynamics and the tastes of its key consumers.

Right from project conception, our experienced team can offer you a ‘one-stop-shop’ package of services.

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How We Can Help

Consulting Recommendations On:

  • Mix of Uses
  • Layout
  • Design
  • Tenant Mix
  • Projected Selling Costs
  • Development Phasing

SPS’s researchers are experts in gathering and analysing real estate data in Yangon and throughout Myanmar. We create high-quality bespoke market research reports covering the following areas:

  • Market analysis
  • Market feasibility studies
  • Location analysis
  • Trade area profiles
  • Profits
  • Occupancy cost analysis
  • Rent/pricing surveys
  • Town planning reviews
  • Demographic and consumer analysis

SPS has an in-depth experience of real estate development, and can deploy this (combined with its local market knowledge) to help you assess the feasibility of your project. Their detailed cash flows can help you determine:

  • Internal Rate of Return
  • Gross Development Value
  • Profit on Cost
  • Residual Land Value